The INFJ - Understanding the Mystic


Explore the wonders and mysteries of the INFJ life in "Understanding the Mystic" by certified Myers-Briggs® practitioner, Susan Storm. This book will take you inside the inner workings of the INFJ mind and give you practical life tips that can be used instantly to enjoy a fuller, more peaceful life! You'll get a close look at cognitive functions, shadow functions, Ni-Ti loops, "door slams" and find tips about how to make relationships work with other personality types! You'll also find creativity hacks, stress-reduction techniques, and parenting tips geared specifically for the INFJ type. "Understanding the Mystic" is a book that you'll find yourself returning to again and again as you face the joys and challenges life has to offer. Written by Susan Storm. 138 page PDF*. *Please note - If you are using an Apple device, the download link will not work in a Chrome browser. Please copy the link emailed to you and copy into Safari to complete the download.

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