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Discovering You: How to Unlock the Power of Personality Type


Get a deeper understanding of who you are and what your potential is in this in-depth look at personality type. Explore what it's like to be each of the 16 personality types, find out how each type reacts to stress, grief, relationships, motherhood, fatherhood, and more! This book will not only show you how your mind works, but it will also show you how to communicate effectively with people of other types! Whether you're trying to sort out the mystery that is your own mind or be a better parent to your children, there's something here for everyone.  

Features of this ebook include:

  •  An in-depth look at each personality type
  •  Strategies for reaching a "Flow State"
  • Tips for understanding children of each type
  • A look at the relationship needs of each type
  • A look at how each personality type responds to stress
  • Information for helping each type when they are grieving
  •  An in-depth look at type and marriage
  •  Goal-setting techniques for each type
  • Communication tips for each personality type  

 and so much more!!

What Others Think:

"Discovering You is chock full of life lessons I can apply to my life right away. I learned to understand myself, my family, and my children in powerful ways that will impact my life for years and years. Thank you Susan Storm!" - Linda Rolegan 

"Thank you for the amazing tips you keep putting out there. Your writing literally saved my relationship with my daughter." - Terri Bruner 

"Your book has given me a new understanding of how I can improve my quality of life." - Wayne Gould

"Discovering You" is a PDF eBook that contains 53 chapters. 319 pages long. Published by Psychology Junkie LLC

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